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Balloon rocket 0

Balloon rocket

Yesterday, I spent the day with my daughter at her preschool class helping out with the kids. She was excited to bring daddy to school. The day had a space theme and the kids...

Some bad news 0

Some bad news

Today I found out that a good friend’s father passed away yesterday. He was a very intelligent and respected man in the town where I grew up and went to school. I had spent...

2010 New Year’s Resolutions 0

2010 New Year’s Resolutions

Here are a few resolutions for this year: Lose weight Read 12 books Finish some website projects Finish home improvement projects Use this site more

New Years Resolutions 0

New Years Resolutions

Here are a few things I’m going to try and work on for this year: Use this website more Finish some old projects Work on writing more Lose weight Read more books