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2010 New Year’s Resolutions 0

2010 New Year’s Resolutions

Here are a few resolutions for this year: Lose weight Read 12 books Finish some website projects Finish home improvement projects Use this site more

SOLID Programming Principles 2

SOLID Programming Principles

The SOLID Principles of programming are a good set of rules to follow when you are designing and developing an object oriented application. S  Single Responsiblity Principle – A class should do one thing...

How to setup CodeIgniter 30

How to setup CodeIgniter

Introduction This article explains the process I go through to setup the CodeIgniter framework and how to configure it so that I can start developing an application. What is CodeIgniter? If you don’t already...

Understanding Polymorphism 0

Understanding Polymorphism

Introduction This article will explain what polymorphism is and how it can help you design and reuse code in Object-Oriented Programming.  You’ll learn what polymorphism is and how to use it.  In the following...

Understanding Inheritance 0

Understanding Inheritance

Before we get started on the topic of Inheritance, please check out Understanding Objects.  Now, onward… According to dictionary.com, one definition of inheritance is: 2. the genetic characters transmitted from parent to offspring, taken...

Understanding Objects 3

Understanding Objects

Objects are all around us; the monitor your looking at, your IPod, your cat or dog, etc.  Programming objects mimic those found in real life.  When you use an object, like an IPod, there...

New Theme And Other Changes 0

New Theme And Other Changes

I decided to update the site’s theme again.  I was already growing tired of the old one.  The site looks cleaner due to the spacing and fonts used. I’ve also added some new items:...